DeGrange Hardwood Floors

Restoration to installation and solid as the wood we work with

Our Warranty Coverage and Guidelines

  • The warranty provides peace of mind that our finish will not peel, crack, chip, or yellow for five years from the date of completion
  • This warranty will not cover physical damage to the finish/floors; which animals, moving furniture, abuse or abnormal wear by improper care, can cause. As well as dulling, smudges or smears which are a result of improper maintenance and care.
  • If the finish does peel, chip, crack or yellow within the five year period we will repair the affected area at no cost to you. Degrange Hardwood Floors will not cover the cost of alternative means of repair.
  • In order to keep the warranty in effect proper care and maintenance must be done, see care instructions below.

Care Instructions


  • Dry Mop your floor on a regular basis, use the best quality dry mop available. Dry mop only for the first 3 months after refinish is completed
  • Wipe up spills quickly with a damp cloth; bacteria can grow within spills, which will eat through finish eventually.
  • NEVER WET MOP- Water and heavy moisture are hardwood floors worst enemy. Only wet mop when absolutely necessary. Use a damp mop and the recommended hardwood floor cleaners.
  • Never use Oil soaps, waxes, lemon products, ammonia or any type of universal floor cleaning products. Swiffer wet jet for example
  • Use floor protectors: felt pads on the bottoms of chair legs, tables, and furniture. Use rugs/runners in high traffic areas. ALL Finishes will scratch, which removes finish and will result in dulling/damaging the area over time.
  • Trim pets nails regularly this will drastically reduce chances of scratches