DeGrange Hardwood Floors

Restoration to installation and solid as the wood we work with

We Offer A Variety Of Different Finish & Color Options For Your Floor

The most important thing to consider when refinishing, adding to or installing a completely new hardwood is what finish, color and style best fits your unique home and family.

At DeGrange Hardwood Floors we are proud to offer the latest in every are of floor finishes.

-Using the latest and "greatest" technology in penetration oils we are able to provide a multitude of color options that also retain the natural grain of the wood while also giving the smooth feel of a floor that we all love. These oils are also zero VOC and only adhere to the fibers of the wood which allows easy repair if needed. They have also been proven to be just as tough as any of the existing water based and oil based finishes offered today when applied correctly. By visiting this website you can view the vast variety of colors which does not exclude custom mixed colors

-The time less natural hardwood floor that everyone enjoys can be done with the tough and great looking water based finishes that we use. These finishes are low VOC and can be walked on with socks within just a few hours without the intoxicating smell. Our personal preference in this area is DuraClear Max HD, Bona Traffic HD and Loba 2k. All are two part finishes that use a hardener, which far surpasses the store bought or lesser polyurethane finishes that are one part. These lesser options wear quickly, peal sooner, and tend to orange in a shorter time period. The DuraClear Max HD, Bona Traffic HD and Loba 2k water base finishes stand up very well to wear and time. These can be applied in a variety of sheens- matte, satin, semi gloss and high gloss

-The above mentioned finishes are what we use on top of our high quality stains, which also offer a large selection of colors. And when done properly will really accent the wood and all of the beautiful grains, as can be seen in the above picture

-Another option available is the classic oil based Glitsa Swedish finish line, this finish offers a great depth and color to a floor. The wear quality is no better than the high end water base finishes we offer, which is fantastic. The only downside to these oil based finishes is the odor that may keep you out of your home for a few days.

When choosing a color we know that you want to be happy in every aspect with your floor, which is why we are happy to provide multiple samples to give you the ability to choose what suits your home the best. Which in the end will provide endless joy and pride.